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The True Nature of Sound

I have known about this for over twenty years but it is only in the last few that it has been my pleasure to count John S Reid as one of my dearest friends. John’s extraordinary work brings into the 21st century that of the 18th/19th-century naturalist, Ernst Chladni, and the 20th-century Swiss scientist, Hans Jenny, and is opening both scientific and spiritual minds to the remarkable, true nature of sound. The vital importance for our well-being of only creating and being exposed to harmonious sounds is part of the spiritual truth towards which we are being moved as we approach the major 2012 shift in consciousness and dimension.


‘Love is a universal religion. It is what society really needs. It should be expressed in all of our words and deeds. This perfect Love is already within us. Life and Love are not two separate things; they are one and the same’. These are the words of an extraordinary lady, Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), whose extraordinary achievements, in many ways exceeding those of our political leaders (who strive, too often without success, to accomplish many of the same goals), are both humbling and deeply uplifting.