Christala Rosina’s work continues and extends the spirituality of the writers of the English Romantic literary period, particularly that of the sage, prophet and poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley. It is ultimately a call to the world to awake to nature, beauty, love & justice as the ultimate sources of truth.

A qualified teacher, she has spent many years as a college-lecturer in both English & Psychology, and conducted some of the early research into the Psychology of Music. She now devotes her time primarily to her writing and performing, as well as to an increasing number of related projects.

As a modern Romantic poet, she embraces the ‘beyondness of thought’ of her predecessors, and her verse strives to capture some faint echo from the fleeting images of truth and beauty around us. She has been awarded prizes in several poetry-competitions; her work has been featured in numerous poetry-magazines and anthologies, as well as on BBC Radios 3 & 4, and BBC Radio Surrey; and she is a regular contributor to William Morris’s Moonwise Diary. Christala’s first collection of poetry, Watercolour Essences of Moon, is published by America Star Books.

Christala has sung and been involved in the performing-arts since an early age and, as a soprano, currently sings and performs with the English Arts Chorale and Imperial Productions, London (formerly Imperial Opera). In addition, she considerably raised the profile of both the Chorale and its annual festival, Reigate Summer Music, as their PR/Media Officer between 2000 and 2005, introducing poetry to the festival, and both producing and performing in two inaugural poetry-&-music events featuring classical musicians, actors and some of her own work, and celebrating the deep soul-link between the twin spirits of poetry and music.

Christala now gives her own Poetry-Concerts, performing her own work while accompanied on the classical & Celtic harp. Christala passionately believes that live poetry deserves the same attention to detail, professional delivery and beauty of presentation as classical music. Her poetry-concerts are therefore elegant and unique occasions - not merely readings but memory-performances which communicate directly to and emotionally engage with the audience.

Christala has studied voice & acting with Daniel Ainsleigh and the classical & Celtic pieces that feature in her concerts are arranged by Christala and her harpists themselves especially to accompany each poem.

Other projects include increasing the availability of Christala’s moving poem, Sonnet for a Wedding, as beautiful, calligraphic artwork; bringing the libretto for her opera, The Moon-Tree, into musical life; and developing A Leap in the Light (ALL), a scheme she is in the process of founding and which is intended to be a small step towards an evolved society, ultimately functioning without money.

Christala shares Shelley’s vision of a world ‘ruled by love, not law’. She is, herself, an artist in the fullest sense: ‘It is an expressiveness that seeps through life and transforms it.’

Her ‘wondrous sensitivity overcomes time and circumstance and gives a grace to soul and spirit. (Her poetry) reveals such wonder and light … beyond the time and reason of our human confinement … such vision offers hope and healing for our condition’.

David Bowes, Envoi Magazine

‘The whole performance had a dream-like, healing quality … a very special and uplifting experience’. Sheila Murphy

‘An enchanted evening’. Lesley Langley

‘This is beauty … it was a blessing to come’. Martyn McQuillen